Post-Treatment Care

iceFollowing your office visit you may be instructed in the use of ice to reduce inflammation. You may use ice within a ziploc bag or a flexible gel pack. You can make your own flexible gel pack by mixing a 50/50 solution of water and isopropyl alcohol, or simply fill a ziplock bag with corn syrup or dish soap which will remain flexible while cold.

To obtain the maximum benefit from a cold pack. Get a towel wet with warm water and wring it out. Place the towel around your ice pack and then place it against the affected area. The warm, wet towel will be much easier to tolerate when placed against your skin and will gradually lower the temperature of the region but will also penetrate much deeper than a dry ice pack.

Remember!! Limit you ice pack treatment time to 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off to reduce the risk of local hypothermia.

Try to limit immobility and don’t do bed rest unless specifically instructed to. Immobility frequently results in increases in inflammation and stiffness.

You many be asked to perform simple range of motion exercises or stretches to maintain the increase in mobility following spinal manipulation.

Should you have other questions following your visit, you can always call us at 813 955-6742.