What to do First?

Should you be involved in a car accident and experience a suspected fracture, laceration and bleeding or experience any condition you suspect could be life threatening, emergency medical technicians and an emergency department evaluation are imperative.

Auto Injury CrashIf your injuries do not require immediate attention, a visit to the emergency department with a diagnosis of “contusion” and “sprain” may be a pit fall in relation to future care.

Recent changes in Florida legislation regarding PIP (personal injury protection) benefits, the part of your auto insurance that pays for injury treatment may be limited to $2500 rather than the $10,000 of coverage you have paid for if you are diagnosed with a “non-emergency condition.”

Developing conditions such as disc injury, facet joint injury, and joint instability may meet the criteria regarding pain and potential impairment of a body part to satisfy the qualifications of an “EMC” or emergency medical condition and may afford you the total of benefits available through your insurer.

Our office works closely with a neurologist to assess these conditions and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

A general rule of thumb is that use of an ice pack 20 minutes on followed by 20 minutes off with a dry or damp cloth between the ice and your skin is safe. Early reduction of inflammation can shorten the duration of recovery.